Sleep Facts: Sleep is Happiness

Sleep Facts: Sleep is Happiness
When I was preparing this month’s blog I was in the middle of   reading a New York Times bestseller the Happiness project by Gretchen Rubin. She began a quest to research the true meaning of happiness and examines various elements in our lives, scientifically and psychologically. 
Gretchen devotes a chapter to healthy habits that include ample amounts of sleep. She argues that a well-rested person is a happier individual. To get those needed zzzz, there are many tips that she shares to attain that sought after sleep. She rids herself of clutter, changes her routine and creates a haven that is peaceful and calm. 
As the world changes and technology invades our private space, lack of sleep is becoming an epidemic. We have to learn to tune out and take pleasure in creature comforts. A calm inviting bedroom is a first step to sleepers corner.  
Freshly laundered cotton sheets along with great pillows, duvets, and a comfortable mattress help create a great foundation for comfortable sleep. Add to that healthy habits on you’re well on your way to dreamland not to mention happiness.
(Camille Collection, Matouk)   

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