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Fogo Island Inn - Organic & Natural
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The trouble with blogs is choosing which is the most interesting for our readers (not to mention sitting down) and this time I had a difficult time, hence the delay.

Way out on the coast of Newfoundland is an inn that was created as a trust to benefit a foundation whose mandate is the economic well being of the local community. This was the vision of business -woman Zita Cobb. The inn was built on Ms Cobb’s vision of sustaining a community through social entrepreneurship. She describes the inn:

“As a place that was created with deep sensitivity to the natural and social ecology of the island; a place that offers guests an exquisite nest from which to feel the harmonizing power of the North Atlantic; a nest with fine linens, creative local cuisine, wood burning fireplaces, a wood fired sauna, a cinema and all of the touches – big and small – for solace, comfort and profound ease.”

It was a collaborative process that involved the community’s builders, crafters, farmers, and fishermen. Local carpenters built the furniture, and quilts were designed and sewn by local quilters.

Mattresses and sheeting were selected with the criteria of sourcing organic or natural materials.

In our search for organic and natural products in bedding, the search for companies that had integrity was not a simple one. There are so many companies that claim to be organic, while perhaps having an organic component that makes up 10% of the product but is blended with a variety of chemicals; very misleading advertising.

We were then so delighted to learn that Sleeptek, our supplier of choice for organic mattresses was also the same for Fogo Island Inn. Given the strict criteria for natural and sustainable materials, we know that we are on the right track for choosing not only a product with integrity but also a company that walks the talk.


*Travel and Leisure has listed Fogo Island as the best new hotel 2014.


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