Do Men Count In Bed - Count Threads?

Do Men Count In Bed - Count Threads?

Do men count in bed...count thread count, that is? Men take a lot of slack, in general, when it comes to their appreciation for the finer things in life. High quality linens are no exception.


Year after year, we are always delighted to find out that our client's husband turns out to be the one who cares most about the quality of their sheets! Often the husband is on the side lines, if not off the field of design entirely, at the start of the project. After the install, however, we see an immediate change. Indifference morphs into intense appreciation. Clients that started with just one order of sheets, quickly order up a second set as the "spare", lesser quality, sheets no longer suffice for Monsieur.





















Pillows seem to be of particular interest when it comes to our male clients. Finding a pillow that provides enough support but still gives a soft and cozy feel can be hard to find. We take our product selection quite seriously, making sure to triple vet each item before bringing it in and enquiring about our client's satisfaction level (comfort, look, longevity, etc.) post sale. Our most recent "pick", especially for men, is the "Summit" pillow! The inner case is filled with high quality Hutterite feathers to provide you with support while the outer case is filled with down to provide a comfortable touch and feel. The best of both worlds in one pillow. 


We can't leave out the towels! Men can never seem to find a bath towel big enough or absorbant enough. Thankfully we have sourced the best in absorbency and great in width & length. Same goes for a nice fluffy bathrobe, long enough in body & arm, comfortable for leisure & absorbant for post bathing. 

Now that we know how much good quality bedding & bath linens mean to men, it might be time to let them in on the secret! With Father's Day coming up (June 18th) , why not spoil the man in your life with a little luxury when it comes to his linens. He might just decide it's time to refresh the decor! Win, win, right?


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