What You Need to Know About College Dorms - Bedding & Germs!

What You Need to Know About College Dorms - Bedding & Germs!

College kids need all the sleep they can get!

We all know when our kids head off to college or university, sleep is not their main concern. With that in mind we, as parents, want to set our kids up for the best that they can possibly have - that includes healthful & sound sleeping conditions. Considering the high traffic that blows in and out of shared living quarters and the "custom" (but not really) bed sizes, we could all do with a little refresher course on what's what. That being said, there are two areas which can greatly improve the sleeping...and living...conditions in the dorm room. 


There is a surprising (well, not so surprising considering the amount of students that trail through those dorms) amount of bacteria and mold that grow in and all over dorm rooms. The allergens alone, that live in poorly maintained mattresses and bedding, are a means of concern. Allergens = poor sleep. (Check out our blog on Allergens here.)

The dirty details of what's crawling around the dorms are well depicted in this infographic, courtesy of sleep better.org.




Most dorm beds are Twin XL, the same width of a twin and the length of a king. Schools tend to sell overpriced, low quality bedding, taking advantage of the fact that many are not familiar with the sizing. Many parents feel frustrated as the process can seem less than simple. Pine Cone Hill's Annie Selke does a beautiful job of clearing up the long believed myths of dorm bedding -

"During the rush—physical and emotional—of back-to-school shopping, every year, thousands of parents and their kids are fed one of the most persistent half-truths about dorm bedding: that they must purchase specially made (though not especially well-made) twin XL sheets to fit those pesky oversize dorm beds. That got us thinking. Why do colleges and many boarding schools use twin XL beds, and do you really need special bedding to fit them?"

Check out the full article here!


TOILE'S PICKS for Dorm Bedding

Whether you need just the fitted sheets or the whole package, here are some of our tried and tested College/University favourites! High quality at great price points.

Check out the full College Collection here.



Perfect for dorms, the Stanford is a semi-firm mattress featuring continuous coils and lateral support with 100% perimeter support foam encased, pillow top with a high-density soft compression layer for comfort. 

Microfibre Duvet & Pillow

Microfibre is the most luxury down synthetic in the world. It is 8 times shorter and 6 times finer than standard fibres. It creates a filling that is fluffier, softer and rebounds better than ever before. Just try it and you will be amazed at how down like it truly is.


Comfort Shield Mattress Protector

Helps protect your mattress from allergens, dramatically increases the loft and comfort of your existing mattress and extends the life span of your mattress.


Athena Sheet Set & Duvet Set

Quality solid white or ivory 400 TC sheeting for a clean and classic look! 





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