The Best Way to Freshen Up Your Vacation Home

The Best Way to Freshen Up Your Vacation Home

It's time to redecorate your second home, but where do you start? Carry the same design from your city home to your vacation home? How much of the budget should be allocated to the bedrooms?

Whether your go-to get away is a chalet in the Laurentians, a cottage by the sea in Maine or a Florida condo with a view, one thing is for certain - finding a perfect balance of comfort, design and durability is key! 


Mattress selection is number one. Time away helps us recharge & relax and that means a good night's sleep. Consider any health problems you may suffer from and choose a mattress that compliments your personal needs. Invest in a high quality mattress for the master bedroom, you want a guaranteed restful night's sleep, every night, for years to come. There are great, well made mattresses at a lower cost range for the kids & guest rooms. You can also save some money by choosing foam trundles, murphy beds & pull-outs.

Pillows are another good investment. They can be matched to your individual sleeping preferences, custom down is adjusted just so, and you can choose a quality alternative down for the kids & a mix of the two for the guest rooms. 

Climate is something to think about. If your vacation home is in a hot climate but you like to keep the air conditioning running or if your second home is in a mountain area where nights can be cool - you may want to invest in your duvets and blankets. If you like to let the warm air in, you can save some money by opting for well made alternative down comforters.

Sheets, when laundered and cared for properly, can stand the test of time. You don't need to spend a fortune, there are fabulous options starting at about $200 that are well sourced & will provide the comfort you are looking for. 


You can do as little or as much as you like in the design department. Traditional Home encourages, "having fun with color, blending old with new, and choosing durable furnishings that can take whatever guests (and kids) dish out during weekend getaways and seasonal vacations."

Colourful details help reflect personality & bring the local culture into your home. Foliage patterns & bright colours are a perfect choice for accent pillows or a statement duvet cover for a bedroom overlooking the ocean.

Crisp white bedding with a pop of blue in an appliqué or embroidery detail, paired with neutral carpets & window treatments can bring the seaside inside.

Textures like linen & quilted percale can create a perfect summer get away in the mountains. Thick knits, fleecy plaids, merino wool & soft furs can cozy up the coldest of winters. 

Minimalist decor is more versatile than you think. Choose solid bedding in neutral colours and if the budget allows, invest in the quality, making for a luxurious feel.


House guests make for memorable holidays but it also makes for a lot of wear & tear. Do some research or consult an expert to select beds, bedding and bath linens that will hold up, and last as long as the fun does. 

Check out the ultimate fabrics for a vacation home here.

Take the time to think about what you use the house for, the natural elements like sand or snow, foot traffic and your personal comfort & style. Whether you spend just a few weeks or an entire season at your second home, it deserves to be every bit as fabulous as your day to day home.

Now the question is, "Do I buy locally or on location?" Find the answer in next month's blog!


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