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TOILE Turns 20

What's Changed, What's Stayed the Same & What Continues to Set Us Apart

A new year, a new score; that is to say that we have arrived at 20 years and are looking forward to the next 20 with great anticipation! 


Shopping for a new sleeping pillow? There are a few things to consider before buying. Here are the three top tips on finding the perfect pillow!


There seems to be a trend this year - the hype around New Year resolutions is on the decline. In fact, many are irritated by the idea of the general public working on their best self & beginning new routines soon to be abandoned. Maybe you totally understand or maybe you are left wondering, what gives?

Cozy Up for the Winter With These Great Beds

Create the perfect retreat and jump on the "cocooning" bandwagon. Life is crazy, life is busy, life is hard - cocooning is the art of cutting ties with the outside world and bunkering down in your own safe haven of a home.

Great Gift Ideas - In Stock & Ready to Go

Wondering what to get for your loved ones this year? Last minute shopping is upon us! Here are some of our in stock picks, ready for gifting!

Dea - Luxury In Every Detail

Wishing you had a bed that ticked every box when it came to design, comfort, durability and price? Dea Italy is the finest in luxury Italian linens. Their exceptional craftsmanship creates bedding that is perfectly finished and perfectly durable.

Why You Really Should Replace Your Pillow

You replace your toothbrush, your make up, your contact lens cases, your kitchen sponge...here's why you should replace your pillow!

We replace the above things to eliminate hazardous germs and other unwanted icky things from our living space.

Annual Feather Your Nest Sale


Promotions on select duvet and pillows, as well as 50% off pillow protectors with purchase of pillow and 10% off new down orders. Special conditions apply.