Cozy Up for the Winter With These Great Beds

Cozy Up for the Winter With These Great Beds

Baby, it's cold outside!

Create the perfect retreat and jump on the "cocooning" bandwagon. Life is crazy, life is busy, life is hard - cocooning is the art of cutting ties with the outside world and bunkering down in your own safe haven of a home. Whether it's just for the weekend or the entirety of your holidays, a comforting bedroom styled to your personal taste gives you the opportunity to truly relax, unwind and indulge in your favourite pastimes - whether they be reading, binging on Netflix, browsing trendingYoutube videos or (insert your go-to guilty pleasure here).

Here are a few of our ultimate, favourite cozy beds of the season that will definitely do the trick. See a bed that speaks to you? Can you picture yourself cuddled up, coffee in hand, fur child by your side? Use them as inspiration or shop each style by clicking on the photo.



This cozy collection delivers a look that is trending like Meghan Markle & Prince Harry! This combo is perfectly styled, giving you a comfortable, lived in look that delivers the illusion of clean lines, lending to the Minimalism philosophy. This is a bed that will look as good on your bed as it does in the photo.



Whether your bedroom has a masculine feel or you like the look of traditional prints, this collection can transform your bed into a cozy hideaway with the simple purchase of a Duvet Cover. Combine the bold print with neutral solids or textures like furs & velvets.


This one magnificent blanket will change your world! Silky soft, muted colours - this is "the" luxury gift for the one on your list who has been very, very good. Style it with a simple white sheet set for the perfect minimalist bed. Add a high loft (pouffy) duvet, folded in three, at the end of the bed and you will feel like you are sleeping on a fluffy white cloud fit for a queen.


This look is perfect for lovers of vibrant colours. Let your bed reflect your playful, positive self and let your skin enjoy the soft comfort this coverlet delivers. Make it pop with some bold sheeting and throw pillows or bring a subtle flow of colour to a neutral scheme.


Pine Cone Hill really delivers with their Selke fleece blanket. It will bring a depth of cozy to your bed you can only dream of. Matched with the delicate quilted swirl & subtle ruffled sheeting, this bed was made for the romantic. White not your thing? This blanket comes in an array of bold, beautiful colours and the PCH collection offers a variety of prints & finishes to complete the look.


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