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We recently asked one of our favourite designers how they found their new mattress...we couldn't have asked for a better quote!
"OMG! We are absolutely loving it, sooooo comfortable."


You could go to a large mattress store, plenty of selection & stock...but...do you want to be sold a mattress or find the perfect, well vetted, long lasting, quality mattress made to fit your individual needs?

Ultra luxurious comfort, a sure bet for a restful night’s sleep - TOILE has the right mattress for you. Our line up includes the best in both comfort & price point. Let us help you find the perfect fit!  



We take great pride in the well developed relationships we have with both local Québec manufacturers and Ontario's certified Organic supplier Sleeptek. Our dealings with them are not solely based on product selection but learning everything that goes into making a mattress and the best practices in getting a comfortable and healthful sleep.

Come visit our showroom and take the time to learn about what mattress suits your personal comfort requirements. We have our best selling 5 star mattress on the floor and can advise you on different options as we learn about your needs and concerns. Drop by or schedule an appointment.


Luxurious has never been synonymous with natural or organic until now. Organic mattresses are made from all natural fibres: a combination of organic latex, cotton, wool, and in some cases, coils. They are hypo-allergenic – resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew – which makes them perfect for allergy sufferers. High quality organic mattresses are also renowned for their durability of up to 30 years.

Organic mattresses are toxin-free. Since the materials are all-natural, clean and free of chemicals — the cotton is grown without pesticides and the latex is free of synthetics. Instead of chemicals for fire protection, pure wool is used. Comparatively, a standard mattress is laden with polyurethane foam, toxic flame-retardants and water or stain-resistant chemicals.

We carry organic mattresses from Sleeptek


The Carlton, Pillow Top, Mattress from $1,140.00
The Cloud Mattress from $948.00
The 'Seasons' Mattress from $1,425.00