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Do you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud?

You should!




The nature of duvets, comforters and pillows is as such that it can be difficult to order with the click of a button. Personal preference in both comfort and look greatly affect choice in product. We want to assure that you enjoy the most restful, blissful sleep possible!

With that in mind, we like to communicate directly with you to ensure a perfect match! Take some time to examine the factors that play into finding the perfect duvetor pillow. For a quick look we have recommended products based on what you might be looking for.


More than a decade ago our favourite sleeping pillow, Northern Feather's 'Natural Cloud' was removed from the line up. With absolute glee...seriously, this pillow makes us oh-so-happy, it's back! 

Take advantage of our FEATHER YOUR NEST event, October 20th and get a dreamy sleep for less!

Part of a hospitality line found in hotels like the Fairmont world wide, Natural Cloud is 20% White Down and 80% luxurious Small Waterfowl Feather. The combo creates a perfect blend offering firm support with a downy softness - that translates directly into incredible comfort, night after night. This pillow has excellent quality with long lasting, plush support.

Natural Cloud Shell
• 100% Cotton
• 240 Thread Count
• Double Cover with Double Stitched & Piped Edges
• Oeko-Tex® Certified


Standard $69 SALE PRICE $52

    Queen $75 SALE PRICE $58

       King $82 SALE PRICE $62


Queen $80 SALE PRICE $60

   King $88 SALE PRICE $66



What are you looking for?


FIRM BUT SOFT - The best of both worlds!


The best seller is by far the SUMMIT sleeping pillow. With a core of feathers, for support, surrounded in down, for comfort, this pillow provides a perfect balance without a hefty price tag.

Standard $97

Queen $109

King $135

The deluxe version? Hand–tailored in Montreal, the DOUBLE COMFORTuses only the finest, premium down-proof fabrics and top-grade European feather and down, meticulously cleaned, to offer hypoallergenic comfort.

Standard $145

Queen $155

King $179

SOFT AND FLUFFY - Your own slice of heaven!


The BROME sleeping pillow is our go-to for soft & fluffy. Only the finest down, specially treated to maintain extra fill power for greater luxury.

Standard $189

Queen $215

King $265


The deluxe version? The ZIEGLER is noted for having some of the finest domestic white goose down in the world and the down from Ziegler is one of the best that Poland has to offer. Raised on special farms, Ziegler Polish White Goose Down is noted for its high loft and warmth.

Standard $435

Queen $478

King $579

ALTERNATIVE DOWN - Microfibre that feels & looks like down.

Our ZENSATION sleeping pillow offers the same uncompromising quality and comforts as our best natural fill products. The fibres are specially designed to loft their maximum capability. Perfect for kids, guest rooms and the master bedroom!

Standard $40

Queen $46

King $52

Consider your sleeping position!

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