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Do you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud?

You should!




The nature of duvets, comforters and pillows is as such that it can be difficult to order with the click of a button. Personal preference in both comfort and look greatly affect choice in product. We want to assure that you enjoy the most restful, blissful sleep possible!

With that in mind, we like to communicate directly with you to ensure a perfect match! Take some time to examine the factors that play into finding the perfect duvetor pillow. For a quick look we have recommended products based on what you might be looking for.

What are you looking for?

SOFT & FLUFFY - For that magazine look & cloud like feel.

Our fluffiest duvet has a loft of 700+, the CHINOOK is from the Hutterites in Alberta, Canada. Only the finest down, specially treated to maintain extra fill power for greater luxury.


The deluxe version?The ZIEGLER duvet is filled with down that is one of the best that Poland has to offer. Raised on special farms, Ziegler Polish White Goose Down is noted for its high loft and warmth.


WARM BUT COOL - The oxymoron of duvets.

Thanks to a genius idea, St-Genève devised the SÖVING, using a special baffle design that lets you choose how warm you would like it to be, just by turning it over. Patented breathing channels can open and close depending on how much warmth you require.

The deluxe version?The Söving is as deluxe as it gets. This is a definite splurge, but the comfort it brings and it's impressive longevity, it's a purchase you will never regret!


BEST VALUE - A great duvet, at a great price!

Our best seller is the MONTE BIANCO DELUXE, locally sourced right here in Montreal. It has a great weight, will give your bed a nice pouffy look and will last. A deluxe duvet at a reasonable price point.


ALTERNATIVE DOWN - Microfibre that feels & looks like down.

Our  SUPRELLE  duvet is the most luxury down synthetic in the world. It is 8 times shorter and 6 times finer than standard fibres. It creates a filling that is fluffier, softer and rebounds better than ever before.



Haven't found what you are looking for? Get in touch 514-486-2424 or shop@toileshowroom.com- let us help you find the sleep you deserve!

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