Custom Down - Made the Way You Like It!

Custom Down - Made the Way You Like It!

When most people think "custom bedding" they don't necessarily associate it with duvets. Funny how that is, since we each have precise individual needs & wants when it comes to the feel, level of warmth and look of a duvet.

Make an appointment at our showroom or stay tuned for December's blog (How To Choose The Right Duvet) to learn some key guide lines in selecting the duvet of your dreams. If you still can't quite find a duvet that checks all the boxes on your list, let us help you create your custom duvet. 

Ticking, loft, feather/down/both, size...let us help you build a duvet that will allow you the most perfect sleep, each and every night!

Our unique concierge add-on service is what sets TOILE apart and is the absolute best tool a designer can have! Give us a call 514-486-2424 or drop into the showroom to ask us about all the little ways we can make your project seamless and stress free! 


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