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Our team understands that in the midst of a move or remodel, even the smallest tasks can seem overwhelming.

TOILE isn't your ordinary boutique and showroom. Finding your personal style and reflecting that style in your choice of decor is only half the battle. We offer turn key services that perfectly compliment our high quality linens. Allow us to consolidate, deliver and install your bedding project. Our team is happy to make up your beds, steam out the creases and finalize the details.

Our unique concierge add-on service is what sets TOILE apart and is the absolute best tool a designer can have! Give us a call 514-486-2424 or drop into the showroom to ask us about all the little ways we can make your project seamless and stress free! 
There is nothing more rewarding or relaxing at the end of a long, stressful day than coming home to the bed of your dreams.


Check out some of our installations HERE as featured on Maison & Demeure!

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31 August, 2016

Diana Henry

Ingrid, so happy to hear you now make beds. You can come Mon-Friday any time after 8 am. Hospital corners, please. And keep the water glass nice and full. Xo

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